Success Supply Chain Code V1.1

The SuCCESS® Standard for the castor supply chain results from a multi-stakeholder development process, which includes specific public consultation periods.


On 18 January 2022, the Board of Directors approved the Association secretariat to perform a full review of the Pilot Version of the Standard through a working group. The Working Group completed the review on 01/10/2022 and put the SuCCESS® supply chain code for public consultancy on 07/10/2022 after getting approval from the Board of Directors. The working group has received comments during the Public Consultation Periods. These comments were reviewed and analyzed during online and face-to-face meetings.

The Working Group concluded its work in an online meeting on [date] and submitted the final draft to the Board of Directors of the Sustainable Castor Association for approval. The Sustainable Castor Association’s Board approved the latest version of the SuCCESS® code for the supply chain standard, which became effective from 01-05-2023. Based on the feedback received from the stakeholders final amendments done on 28-07-2023 and after the approval from the Board, the code became effective from 11-08-2023.


“Launch of SuCCESS Supply Chain Code Version 1.1”