List of Members


Name Country Member since Membership Category Member ID
Jayant Agro-Organics Limited India 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-01
Arkema France France 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-02
BASF SE Germany 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-03
Solidaridad Network Asia Limited Hong Kong 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-04
International Castor Oil Association Inc USA 26/11/2019 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-01
Itoh Oil Chemicals Co. Ltd Japan 25/02/2020 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-02
Solvay Specialty Polymers, a member of the Syensqo Group USA 25/02/2020 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-03
Stearinerie Dubois France 20/08/2020 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-04
Envalior B.V. Netherlands 29/04/2021 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-05
Croda International Plc United Kingdom 18/06/2021 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-06
Windmöller GmbH Germany 13/10/2021 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-07
Kokura Gosei Kogyo Ltd Japan 01/01/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-08
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc Japan 14/03/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-09
COFCO International Netherlands B.V. Netherlands 01/06/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-10
Alnor Oil Company Inc USA 24/06/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-11
Hengshui Jinghua Chemical Co., Ltd. China 22/08/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-12
Jacob Stern and Sons (DBA-ACME Hardesty Co.) USA 08-09-2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-13
Castor International BV Netherlands 01-11-2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-14
Matsen Chemie AG Germany 02-11-2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-15
KF Trading Company Ltd  Japan 01-01-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-16
Thai Castor Oil Industries Co., Ltd Thailand 01-01-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-17
INOLEX, Inc. USA 01-01-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-18
Alberding K Boley Gmbh Germany 08-02-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-19
Aurorium USA 14-02-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-20
Loiret & Haëntjens France 18-05-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-27
Kalpsutra Chemicals Pvt Ltd India


Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-28
OLEO-Chemie Gesellschaft mbH Germany


Ordinary SuCCESS-AM-01








BASF China and BASF's Ludwigshafen site in Germany have achieved SuCCESS (Sustainable Castor Caring for Environmental and Social Standards) supply chain certifications. This achievement brings our total certified supply chain certification to seven, spanning over 16 sites globally!




OLEO-Chemie Gesellschaft mbH has joined us as our first Associate Member!
























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