List of Members


Name Country Member since Membership Category Member ID
Jayant Agro-Organics Limited India 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-01
Arkema France France 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-02
BASF SE Germany 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-03
Solidaridad Network Asia Limited Hong Kong 19/03/2019 Founder SuCCESS-FM-04
International Castor Oil Association Inc USA 26/11/2019 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-01
Itoh Oil Chemicals Co. Ltd Japan 25/02/2020 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-02
Solvay Specialty Polymers USA 25/02/2020 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-03
Stearinerie Dubois France 20/08/2020 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-04
DSM Engineering Materials BV Netherlands 29/04/2021 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-05
Croda International Plc United Kingdom 18/06/2021 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-06
Windmöller GmbH Germany 13/10/2021 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-07
Kokura Gosei Kogyo Ltd Japan 01/01/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-08
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc Japan 14/03/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-09
COFCO International Netherlands B.V. Netherlands 01/06/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-10
Alnor Oil Company Inc USA 24/06/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-11
Hengshui Jinghua Chemical Co., Ltd. China 22/08/2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-12
Jacob Stern and Sons (DBA-ACME Hardesty Co.) USA 08-09-2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-13
Castor International BV Netherlands 01-11-2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-14
Matsen Chemie AG Germany 02-11-2022 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-15
KF Trading Company Ltd  Japan 01-01-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-16
Thai Castor Oil Industries Co., Ltd Thailand 01-01-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-17
INOLEX, Inc. USA 01-01-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-18
Alberding K Boley Gmbh Germany 08-02-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-19
Aurorium USA 14-02-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-20
Royal Castor Products Limited. India 08-03-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-21
Gokul Agro Resources Ltd. India 08-03-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-22
Adani Wilmar Ltd. India 08-03-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-23
NK Proteins Pvt. Ltd. India 13-03-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-24
Gokul Agri International Limited India 05-06-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-25
Kandla Agro & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. India 08-06-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-26
Loiret & Haëntjens France 18-05-2023 Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-27
Kalpsutra Chemicals Pvt Ltd India


Ordinary SuCCESS-OM-28







“Celebrating Success: Jacob Stern & Sons Inc. (DBA-ACME Hardesty Co.) and Alnor Oil Company Inc. Attain SuCCESS Supply Chain Certification! ”























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